Meat and butchers’ shops


Discovering the beauty of Pomarico in all its expressions also means savoring the famous local meat cooked in wood-burning ovens. Walking along the streets of the village, in fact, it is easy to come across butchers and shops where you can taste steaks or veal and pork sausages cooked on the spot, as well as the famous gnummariedd, rolls made with lamb or kid entrails. The name seems to derive from the Latin glomus, meaning ball: these rolls are prepared with the offal of the animal (liver and lung) tied inside their own casing. It seems that their diffusion dates back historically to the period of the landowners: the butchered meat, not being within the reach of the less well-off classes, was reserved for the rich landowners, while the poorest were left with only the entrails, commonly considered waste material. For this reason, the gnummariedd are commonly associated with the peasant tradition.

Eating roast meat is a gastronomic tradition linked to a large part of southern Italy, but in small villages such as that of Pomarico it can take on the characteristics of a deeply rooted faith in its inhabitants. It is no coincidence that in summer Pomarico celebrates “The golden spit”, a festival with distant roots that celebrates this custom.